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Forge & Tie an Iron-Handled Hearth Broom & Hook

Course Overview

Broom making meets blacksmithing in this multi-disciplinary course, where students will be able to get a taste of two classic traditional crafts, resulting in one beautiful project. Day one will be spent in the blacksmith shop, learning to fire a forge and hammer iron to make a basic hook and an individualized hearth broom handle that will be both decorative and functional. This is an excellent opportunity to learn basic blacksmithing methods and safety. On day two, students will use traditional Appalachian methods to tie a broomcorn sweeper onto their forged handle to create a unique hearth broom. Attach the hook to a wall near the woodstove or fireplace, hang the broom up and get ready for winter days around the fire! No specific experience is required for this class, but please be advised that a certain amount of hand and forearm strength will be beneficial.

Course Details

Length: 2 Days

Currently Scheduled Sessions