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Forge Ahead: Preparing the Blacksmith Shop Service Learning Project

Course Overview

We're ready to forge ahead in the new Blacksmith Shop here at North House. But first, we need to install the forges and the hoods! In this 3 day service learning class, you'll assist blacksmithing instructor Dave Hanson with installing 4 side draft hoods, a crucial part of making the shop a clean and pleasant working environment. A side draft hood sits, of course, on the side of your forge. Made of heavy gauge tin sheeting, the roughly rectangular box (12" deep, 32" wide, 36" tall) connects to a large 12" diameter chimney. A strategically placed baffle utilizes the heat from the forge's fire to create a strong draft that pulls smoke and fumes to the side and up the chimney without the need for mechanical ventilation After the hoods are completed and installed, we'll start to forge hammers, tongs and other tools to get the Blacksmith Shop ready for summer use (as time allows). This is a great opportunity for students to aquire hands-on and practical knowledge about the tools a blacksmith needs. Tuition includes lunch each day.

Course Details

Length: 3 Days