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Flax to Linen (Online Course)

Course Overview

This class explores the history and contemporary uses of flax, the plant fiber from which linen is made. We will work hands-on to learn hand spinning of tow and line flax using tools and materials supplied by the instructor. Topics included: how to source textile flax seed, growing, harvesting, and retting flax fiber, and the steps of traditional flax dressing using brake, scutch and hackle. We will also discuss contemporary and emerging flax-to-linen projects, and their connection to the Fibershed movement.

The class will be conducted via group sessions on Zoom, through individual instruction sessions, class discussions, and a little outside reading. Online group meetings via Zoom video conferencing, with one-on-one instructional time available to students between group meeting dates via phone, email, or video conference. Kits with class materials will be sent out via USPS.

This is an online course

We host these courses using Zoom Video Conferencing. A laptop or tablet is recommended, but a desktop with a webcam and speakers/microphone or a smartphone phone can work.

You will receive a link to the Zoom meeting and additional details in your confirmation email.

What about materials?

A package of materials will be mailed to you in advance of the course. If you have not received the package 5 days before the course, please call North House at 888.387.9762

Course Details

Length: Four sessions, two hours each