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Fiber Art

Felted Baskets

Course Overview

At its most basic, the basket form is simply a container made to hold or carry things—and there is no reason that basket can’t be made of a soft, beautiful piece of hand-crafted felt. Explore the possibilities of creating and sewing with felt as we craft a small felt basket. We will first design and then create a piece of felt from already dyed and carded wool, then cut our felt into pieces and hand sew them into a basket. If you have never sewn with hand­made felt you are in for treat, it’s an incredibly durable, light, and flexible fabric which makes it a joy to sew. From carded wool to finished felt the wool shrinks about 40% and we do this all by hand so please come prepared to be on your feet and fully engaged in your project.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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