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Expedition Footwear: Fancy Hide & Canvas Mukluks

Course Overview

A simple pair of hide and canvas mukluks is a joy to wear. A fancy pair trimmed with colorful braid, rick-rack, tassels, pompoms, or strips of fur is something to behold! This course provides an opportunity to create your own pair of hide footwear with enough time for the addition of a variety of decorative accents to the canvas upper. Mukluks are flexible winter footwear, allowing your foot to generate heat. Their breathable layering system allows moisture to escape, keeping your feet comfortably dry and warm in the wintery weather. They are a perfect choice for snowshoeing and a winter dance!

In dozens of Mukluk classes over the years at North House instructor Jo Wood has guided students through pattern making, hand stitching leather, and sewing canvas for their custom fitted mukluks. In this extended session we’ll move beyond the basics to learn pattern making (a technique that may apply to other footwear projects including slippers, moccasins, and liners), a variety of hand-stitching techniques and the best practices for cutting leather (elk or moose hide). Students learn how a sewing machine can be used to stitch canvas uppers (knee high or shorter) as well as for the addition of some decorative elements. Some hand sewing experience is helpful. Note: Boot liners must be purchased by each participant before the class.

Course Details

Length: 4 Days

Currently Scheduled Sessions