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Der Zimmererbock, the German Sawhorse: Building with Hand Tools

Course Overview

There are many designs for sawhorses, as it is one of the most important tools a timber framer or woodworker has in the workshop. Der Zimmererbock is the traditional version of a sawhorse used and taught throughout Germany, where instructor Gerald David did his training in timber framing. It is one of the first assembly exercises given to apprentices in their trade education. Students will begin by creating the layout on a sheet of plywood, which offers a first opportunity to apply geometric principles before moving to timbers. Using this layout students will scribe four legs and the sawhorse back. The height can be customized. This session will be conducted using exclusively hand tools, which offers lessons and practice in working with wood. Assembly is with screws and bolts. Materials fee covers one horse; students can make a pair, if desired, for an additional fee.

Course Details

Length: 3 Days