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Crooked Knife: Craft Your Own

Course Overview

The crooked knife, formally known as the mokotagan, is a very old type of woodworking tool unique to North America and predominantly around the Great Lakes region. It is a nomad’s tool, born out of the need to be versatile yet easy to transport. The knife is used one-handed and pulled toward oneself, which gives the user great control and frees up the other hand to hold the wood being worked. When in use, a properly designed crooked knife is a joy to use. These knives historically have been used for carving paddles and snowshoe frames, and as the primary tool for birch bark canoe building, but can be used in place of a drawknife or block plane. In this two-day class we will use pre-made blades to mount into a handle that is custom fit and shaped by the student. Through this process students will have a truly personal knife. This class will also have a strong focus on how to sharpen and use the knife efficiently. Students interested in forging blades should take the Forge & Craft Your Own Crooked Knife.

Course Details

Length: 2 Days