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Cover Your Assets: Crafting Leather Sheaths, Pouches, & Tool Covers

Course Overview

Vegetable Tan Leather. It starts stiff as cardboard, but yields to pressure, moisture, and good intentions. Bring your prized knife, slick, axe, or other sharp object. We'll look at options for coverage, carry, and security, then build a pattern. We'll discuss welts, rivets, bolsters, and stitching. After transferring the work to hide, we'll labor through each stitch by hand, setting tension, and bonding the layers that will live as one. With the initial stitching complete, we'll install hardware and rivets as needed. The day ends as we wet mold the finished piece to a glove-like fit and learn about dyeing and protecting your final product.

Course Details

Length: 1 Day

Currently Scheduled Sessions