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Celestial Navigation I: The Noon Sight for Latitude and Longitude

Course Overview

Celestial navigation is one of the oldest of all forms of navigation, and for thousands of years has guided mariners safely across the trackless oceans of the world. It is a traditional craft that is rich in both history and romance. With the advent of modern electronics, one can now cross oceans with little more than a smartphone to find the way—making celestial navigation as well as other traditional forms of navigation all but a lost art. As a mariner, there are few things more satisfying than finding your way across the waters using a few basic tools, a sharp pencil and a little bit of luck—none of which requires electricity. This course will introduce the art of celestial navigation. It will cover the basic theory and concepts of navigating by celestial bodies, the care and use of the sextant, the use of the Nautical Almanac, and easy to follow steps on how to take sun sights and work out the "noon sight" for latitude.

Students wishing to round out their skills should consider enrolling in Celestial Navigation II following this course.

Course Details

Length: 2 Days

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