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Canoe Sailing Workshop

Course Overview

Discover the grace and elegance of powering a canoe by sail. Classic canoe sailing is making a comeback in recent years, as boating enthusiasts have revisited some of the traditional sail rigs made for canoes. This on-the-water based workshop is your opportunity to spend the afternoon exploring the craft of powering a canoe by sail. You’ll experiment with two canoe sailing outfits, including a 14’ solo canoe and a 16’ tandem, learning to sail each canoe respectively. You’ll learn the equipment and modifications required to convert a canoe for sailing and then experiment with small craft sailing in a canoe outfitted for sailing. Do you have your canoe rigged for sailing? You’re welcome to bring it along and test it out during this course. Additional small wooden boats will be on hand to teach small boat sailing. The course is weather dependent and may be cancelled in adverse weather conditions.

Course Details

Length: ½ Day

Currently Scheduled Sessions