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Building The Cargo Sailing Pram

Course Overview

The Cargo Sailing Pram has been the water bound workhorse of the fjords of Norway for hundreds of years. This working watercraft was designed to meet many different tasks such as hauling livestock, produce, and fishing as well as ice boating to navigate a frozen coastline. They were built in many sizes and shapes, primarily rowed but worked as a great sailing craft. In this course, students will construct a 16’ working pram complete with center board, rudder and spar and a sail. Students will be introduced to a variety of skills such as lofting a boat by eye, cutting watertight planking, spar making and finally sewing sails. Upon completion this craft will be launched into Lake Superior to demonstrate its sea keeping ability as well as its capacity to carry the whole family…including dogs. For students interested in pram building techniques but not interested in the full Build Your Own option, this course may be "audited," offering the opportunity to work alongside other students on their boats for $50/day (minimum 3 days). Contact instructor to discuss audit options. Separate tuition payment & cancellation policies apply to this course.

Course Details

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