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Building A Classic Canoe Sail Rig: Canoe for Sail

Course Overview

Discover the grace and elegance of powering your canoe by sail. Any canoe can transition into an able, fair-weather sailing craft with a bit of planning, building and installing - and within minutes, turned back into the same paddling canoe it has always been. We will work with your canoe in the North House harborside boat shop, building custom fittings and removable sailing parts that include wooden leeboards, leeboard bracket, spars, mastep and rudder. Included is a sail kit for a 37-square-foot lug rig sail which you will sew during the course. A wonderful course for the classic canoe enthusiast, boat builder, sailmaker or recreational boater looking to explore more options for enjoying time on the water.

Course Details

Length: 5 Days

Currently Scheduled Sessions