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Build the Odyssey Kayak

Course Overview

Learn the skills necessary to build a high-quality kayak while integrating traditional Greenlandic kayak hull designs with modern "stitch and glue" construction techniques. The Odyssey kayak's hybridized building strategy allows students to create a kayak that is at once traditional in its shape and yet also feels modern in the features it offers. Each student builds his/her own sea kayak with a hard-chine hull (ideal for the Lake Superior paddling environment). Each Odyssey kayak is custom-designed based on personal paddling needs - variables such as length and volume are each adjustable. The resulting design is then plotted for each individual. Features like bulkheads, hatches, recessed fittings, skegs, etc. are integrated as desired. Construction is a plywood/fiberglass-epoxy lay-up with a paint finish. This produces a very strong and lightweight craft. Students are welcome to bring a partner to assist with construction. Separate tuition payment and cancellation policies apply to this course.

Course Details

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