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Build a Windsor Chair by Hand and Eye

Course Overview

Begin with rough stock, end with a Windsor side chair. Students will complete one finished chair plus leave with the parts for a second chair to be assembled later- so each will have a real start on a set! Each participant will be supplied with previously dried turnings for their first chair. Students cut and sculpt a seat blank, steam-bend a bow, split and shave spindles and bore all needed mortises in the seat for assembly. Emphasis is on selection and use of hand tools and slice-cutting on the lathe of green stock (as they were originally done). We use the 1800’s style double-bobbin turnings (a bamboo style) in the class chair, but the earlier baluster style from the 1700’s will be demonstrated for those interested in the more challenging form. Traditional materials are used: hard birch, white pine seats, white oak bows, and white ash spindles. Opportunity to work with powered and spring-pole lathe. Previous experience would be an asset, but is not required. Men and women, young and old are welcome. You can do it! Previous lathe experience helpful, but not required.

Course Details

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