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Boat Design: Shaping a Half Hull Model

Course Overview

The impact of hull shape on the overall aesthetic of a boat cannot be overstated. Before the advent of computers and modern drafting technology, boat builders and shipwrights used half hull models to determine a boat’s lines and symmetry. In contemporary application, half model building is more decorative as a wall piece, although building a half model is still a great first step to help the builder better understand the shape of a boat before starting a boat building project. This course will focus on the half model as a tool to learn about boat design and reading boat plans; each participant will make a beautiful half model ready to hang on the wall of a house, shop or boat.

The course will begin day one with a discussion of boat design and finish with a glued-up blank and patterns to guide the carving process. On day two, students will start shaping their models with spokeshaves, block planes and gouges. The finished hull will be mounted and finished with a combination of paint and varnish.

Course Details

Length: 2.5 Days

Currently Scheduled Sessions