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Bladesmithing For Knifemakers

Course Overview

The heart of the knife lies in its blade. This course brings the crafts of blacksmithing and knifemaking together as participants unlock the Scandinavian bladesmithing traditions. A thorough discussion of the history and culture as well as hands-on experience give you an approach to crafting a knife that is both a reflection of longstanding tradition and personal expression. We will start by using mild steel to learn the basic elements of blade forging and shaping, then craft blades in the Finnish tradition using solid carbon steel and a "zone" hardening and tempering process to achieve a hard cutting edge with a flexible back. Two to four hardened and tempered blades go home with each student. For students desiring more time in the shop, an extra two-day option is available to work with Scott while he is in residence. Two additional knives may be created in this time period as well as working with a wider variety of steel types.

Course Details

Length: 5 Days

Currently Scheduled Sessions