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Black Ash Basketry Tutorial

Course Overview

This course is a great introduction to the magical qualities of the black ash tree. Experience pounding the ash log and how it releases the splints, which are the materials needed for basket-making. Students will learn to prepare splint by cutting, splitting, scraping and using hand tools to make their baskets weavers and uprights. Each student will make their own uniquely shaped, medium sized table-top basket with a square/rectangular bottom woven to a round/oval top. The rim of the basket will be lashed on with a thick, sturdy splint, making the entire basket out of black ash. Following along through the entire process from log to finished basket, will give students a complete understanding of this age old craft: exploring the beauty of this natural material and witnessing how local resources can be used in making vessels that will last for generations.

Basket Week 2018: Registration in this session of this course includes participation in a day of demonstrations, talks and other activities on Friday, August 31 as part of Basket Week for no additional tuition cost. More information will be provided in mid-summer. Please plan to participate!

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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