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Axe Work for Women and Non-Binary Carvers

Course Overview

Join us for three days of chopping, carving, and hollowing wooden vessels using all hand tools. Axe carving is physically demanding, so during this class we will focus on body mechanics and ergonomic tool use in order to develop stamina and minimize strain. We will start each day with an ’axe aerobics’ session to get warmed up and confident with this useful tool. In addition to the axe, students can also use adzes, gouges, hook knives, block planes, and carving knives. Throughout the three days students can make a bowl or tray, or carve spoons. In this class format we’re excited to emphasize tool use and technique over a specific object. We’ll also discuss design, as well as food-safe painting and finishing techniques for woodenware. Come have some fun and build your confidence with the axe!

Course Details

Length: 3 Days