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All From One Tree

Course Overview

This course offers a full immersion into the signature tree of the boreal forest: the white birch. The objects that can be made using all parts of this tree are many. Using a slojd knife, students will carve the freshly harvested green wood into butter spreaders, cheese boards, coats hooks from limbs, and spoons of all types--from salt spoons to serving spoons. The wood can also be made into pulled fiber and twig whisk brooms, small carved cups or bowls and shrink pots. And then there's the bark: it can be woven and wrapped into canisters and sheathes. The course will also explore a variety of forms of decoration which will including chip carving, engraving, kolrosing, mixing, making and using milk paint, egg tempera, and oil paint. The week-long session offers ample time for many discussions, demonstrations and guided practice sessions. Topics covered will include acquiring and caring for tools, refining knife and axe technique, understanding wood and grain, exploring the many facets of good design as well as splitting and cutting theory. Enjoy a week in the woodshop immersed in the many possibilities of just one tree.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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