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Advanced Mitered Log Joinery

Course Overview

Log home builders have been using “mitered” log joinery for more than 20 years. Each log is placed one at a time into position over lines snapped onto a floor deck, and are then "lofted" up onto logs, and the edges of its joints are then marked. Lofting is a technique used for many centuries to build boats and other structures with complex three-dimensional shapes. Building mitered log trusses by this older lofted / mitered method presents a few problems though: the need for a large, level deck for lofting, there can be a lot of handwork for a clean, finished look, and frankly, it’s slow going. Instructor Robert Chambers will teach a new truss layout and construction method that solves all three problems: there is no lofting, multiple truss members can be layed-out and cut simultaneously and the joints fit better the first time, reducing the need for clean up and producing a better looking end result. Robert will teach his method in this hands-on one day course. Prior experience with log building or timber framing is recommended but not required.

Course Details

Length: 1 Day