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Rosemaling: Valdres Style

Course Overview

Rosemaling is a decorative painting style which originated in Norway where it traditionally decorated churches, homes and farmhouse interiors. The Valdres style of rosemaling originated in the Valdres valley and is known for its strong floral motif. This course emphasizes the basic techniques of painting these traditional floral bouquets. Students will apply their skills to a woodenware project such as a small plate or bowl. Students interested in building an even more solid base of skills are encouraged to pre-register for the optional fourth day of instruction for $50 by selecting the option during registration or by calling North House at 218-387-9762.

North House is looking forward to hosting this course on campus in the safest way possible. Students will be asked to wear a mask at all times on campus, and to practice social distancing of 6 feet, as well as adhere to other safety protocols. See the full details of our COVID-19 protocols here.


Fri, Oct 23rd, 2020  –  Sun, Oct 25th, 2020

Course Details

Length: 3 Days
Skill Levels: Beginner to Advanced
Hours: 9am-5pm
Intergenerational age: 15+
Registration Cost: $285.00
Additional materials fee paid to instructor when class starts: Varies ($5-$50)

Required Tools

You will need the following tools for this class:

The instructors will provide paints, other incidental supplies, and a class project such as a plate, bowl or other woodenware item for your use for a fee of approximately $50 collected at the beginning of class. If you bring your own supplies (listed below as optional) and/or project, this fee will be reduced accordingly. Students who bring nothing but a paint shirt and notebook should expect to spend $50, students who bring their own brushes, paints, and project should expect to spend $10-$35.

  • Notebook and pen
  • A paint shirt

Optional Tools

All of the supplies below are provided as part of the materials fee that will be charged on the first day of class (approx. $50, please bring check or cash). If you provide any of the supplies listed below, the materials fee of approx. $50 will be reduced accordingly.
1)     Brushes will be available for purchase ($15-20). Contact Kim with specific questions.
2)    Palette paper (for mixing paints)
3)    Palette knife
4)    Paper towels (lint free)
5)    Walnut alkyd medium- available from Vesterheim Museum (
6)    Odorless paint thinner or brush cleaner – available at local hardware store
7)    Tracing paper (also available at Vesterhiem or at Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby)(for tracing designs)
8)    Transfer paper (available at Vestereheim)( for transferring designs onto woodenware)
9)    Liquid Dawn dishwashing soap and vaseline OR pink soap for cleaning brushes
10)    Jar with cover for paint thinner
11)    Saran wrap (for paint brushes and covering paints)
(Rembrandt brand recommended by instructor)
•    Titanium White
•    Venetian Red or Light Red Oxide
•    Prussian Blue
•    Burnt Sienna
•    Burnt Umber
•    Raw Umber
•    Terre Verde Green
•    Raw Sienna (Grumbacher brand)
•    Yellow Ocher
•    Greenish Umber
•    Mars Black
•    Brownish Madder
•    Cadmium Red Light (optional)

13)    Practice board (masonite- available at hardware stores or heavy cardboard): 12 x 15 inch, painted with two coats of paint. Optional colors: Delta Creamcoat or Americana brand in nightfall blue, midnight blue, Red Iron Oxide, Black, or Dark Forest Green (any of these are fine). Spray with American Matte Spray Varnish (available at Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby).

More Information

Once registered, students will receive a confirmation email with further class information. Please call us if you haven't received it within 24 hours.