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Lost Wax Casting: Sterling Silver Rings

Course Overview

Rings on fingers have been around since the beginning of civilization. Egyptian and Greek legend place the wedding ring on the third finger of the left hand, because of a belief that the vein of that finger traveled directly from the heart. The Romans extended this description and called this the "vena amoris", which is Latin for "the vein of love". In this class, students will carve a ring to be cast in sterling silver. The result will be a lovely, personal piece made to fit, by hand. Wax carving, casting setup, torch melting, spin casting, and polishing will be demonstrated and practiced. No previous experience is necessary to make a beautiful ring. Tools and materials will be provided.

Required Tools

  • eye protection
  • dinner or snack for the first evening if desired. No formal dinner break will be taken.
  • part of this course takes place in the metal shop, a space that can be a bit chilly during the spring and fall months (around 55 degrees). Be sure to bring some extra layers for warmth. Our main classroom is heated.

Optional Tools

  • jeweler's loupe or other eye magnification

Session Information


Fri, Nov 5th, 2021  –  Sun, Nov 7th, 2021

Course Details

Hours: Day 1:4-8pm; Day 2: 9am-5pm; Day 3: 9am-2pm
Tuition: $235.00
Materials fee: $55.00