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Fibers to Figurines: Cattail Dolls for Families

Course Overview

If cattails are the supermarket of the swamp, then we are going straight to the “toys” aisle. We will discuss cattails and cattail habitat through stories and personal experiences. Harvesting ethics, storage techniques, and preparation of cattail fibers will also be covered so families can integrate the craft into their own traditions. We will twist, roll, weave, and tie our cattail fibers into customized dolls, and then outfit them with baskets, brooms, bed rolls, etc. This course is designed for adult-child pairs to take together, suitable for ages 5 and up. Tuition and materials cover one adult and one child.


Optional Tools

  • Scissors

Session Information

This course is part of Family Weekend, which features a variety of kid and family friendly activities. Check out the event page for more details!


Fri, Oct 21st, 2022

Course Details

Hours: 9am-12pm
Tuition: $25.00
Materials fee: $12.00

Meet the Instructor

Sam Royce
Minneapolis, MN

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Fibers to Figurines: Cattail Dolls for Families