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Fiber Art

Felted Crochet Wool Rug: Online Course

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Course Overview

Have you ever accidentally felted something in the wash—oops!  Or have you seen felted knits and wondered if you could do that with crochet? This class not only unlocks the process and tricks for felted crochet but also lets you felt in the wash and by hand on purpose to make a beautiful, durable wool rug. And guess what, you can machine wash that rug later, for happy bare feet for years to come!  If you know how to make chain and single crochet stitches, you’ll be good to go. And I guarantee that once you get the knack for it, your stash of odds-and-ends wool yarn will soon be put to use making more. If you want to bring some of that stash to our Zoom class, I’m happy to help coach you and what would or would not work well for incorporating into your rug. Students will have the choice from four basic colorways for their rug: Red/purple; Blue; Earth Tones; Green. Once registered, students will receive information about sharing their choice with the instructor. 

 Approximate finished project dimensions:  23 x 32 inches. (Unfelted dimensions about 29 x 37 inches)

Required Tools

Students should bring the following. 

  • Size N crochet hook (yup, it’s big)

  • Tapestry needle for burying ends (if you like that technique)

  • A washer and dryer (if you choose to use a laundromat, that’s fine, just repeat the steps you learn for this part when it works for you)

  • Non-detergent bar soap (for hand-felting, doesn’t need to be much)

  • A utility sink (bath tub could also work if you don’t mind kneeling, or a large bin

  • A couple older beach or bath towels

  • A space to block your rug that is water-resistant (this could be the top of a chest freezer, a tile floor, or a table covered in plastic)


Fri, Apr 14th, 2023  –  Fri, Apr 28th, 2023

Course Details

Hours: 3-5pm CST each date
Tuition: $120.00
Materials fee: $157.00

Meet the Instructor

North House Folk School photo of instructor, Laura Berlage
Laura Berlage
Hayward, WI

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Felted Crochet Wool Rug: Online Course