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Northern Ecology

Endangered Species Conservation in the Russian Far East

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Course Overview

Join Featured Guest Speaker Jonathan Slaght for a small-group seminar to discover more about the fascinating Russian Far East. The region encompasses an area twice the size of India, but with a human population smaller than New York City. The temperate forests in the south of this vast land are prowled by remarkable creatures such as Siberian tigers and Amur leopards, and the Arctic Ocean coast in the north is home to Spoon-billed sandpipers and walrus. Dr. Jonathan Slaght, a Conservation Biologist and author with the Wildlife Conservation Society, has spent more than twenty years studying and protecting the unique wildlife of this region. Here, using vivid images and language, he will describe some of these species and the conservation efforts to protect them. He will also read vignettes of his experiences with tigers, bears, and the remarkable Russian biologists dedicated to keeping this place wild.


Sun, Jun 5th, 2022

Course Details

Hours: 10am-noon
Tuition: $55.00
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Meet the Instructor

North House Folk School photo of instructor, Jonathan Slaght
Jonathan Slaght
New York, NY

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Endangered Species Conservation in the Russian Far East