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Birch Bark Berry Basket

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Course Overview

Folding and stitching wiigwaazi, birch bark, into useful and beautiful baskets has been practiced by the Anishinaabe people in this part of the world for millennia. Learn the basics of this style of basketry and then go beyond to explore personal expression in this three-day workshop with artist and maker Pat Kruse. Pat is passionate about artistry using birch bark, and will teach precise sewing techniques, floral embellishment using cut bark pieces, and the construction of handles or lids for the baskets. He teaches what he affectionately calls “the grandma and grandpa way” to ensure baskets of high quality and the development of sound technique. 

Optional Tools

  • Feel free to bring any tools you might think are useful: awls, carving knives, etc.


Fri, Apr 19th, 2024  –  Sun, Apr 21st, 2024

Course Details

Hours: 9am-5pm
Tuition: $345.00
Materials fee: $110.00
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Meet the Instructor

Pat Kruse
Onamia, MN

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Birch Bark Berry Basket