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Yokes on You

Course Overview

If you’ve hauled buckets full of water, sap or anything else, you have probably realized that carrying buckets without a yoke is for the birds: humans are just not very well built for it--we bang our shins, our shoulders ache and we have a tendency to slosh. The carrying yoke is the simple & elegant solution to this age-old problem. In this course, you’ll begin with a basswood log, a material that is lightweight, sturdy and yields easily to the sharp edge of well-chosen tool. Using axes, drawknives, and gouges, you’ll carve your own custom fit carrying yoke. Perfect for use in the sugar bush or any of your carrying needs, your yoke will make even the heaviest burdens a joy to carry. This class will also be a great introduction to using and maintaining an axe and other hand tools used to shape wood.

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