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Wood Canvas Canoe Repair Series: Session C: Fairing/Sanding/Clinching

Course Overview

Breathe some life into that old wood-canvas canoe in the rafters and turn it into a classic wooden canoe suitable to be paddled for another generation or two. The process of repairing a wood canvas canoe can be a daunting journey that requires careful planning and prioritizing. To help you on your way, expert builder Jeanne Bourquin offers a series of repair courses, each focusing on a different step along the way and offered throughout the year. Bring your canoe and take the whole series from start to finish over the course of a year, or go a la carte and pick and choose the steps you need help with your own project. Participants are encouraged to bring a partner to help complete the work at no additional charge. Session C: Step Three: Fairing/Sanding/Clinching This step often takes more than 2 days and is the final preparation for canvassing and filling. You can take this class either to learn how to do it – or as final preparation for the canvassing and filling class if you have most of the work done before arrive. We will learn how to clinch and wet out the hammer blossoms and then sand the outside fair. Before you arrive for the canvassing and filling class, or by the second afternoon of this class, there should be no tack heads above the surface of the canvas, no sharp tack heads on the inside, and the outside should be sanded fair and coated with boiled linseed oil. You will get lots more done if you bring a partner with you to help. Please call for scheduling

Currently Scheduled Sessions