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Twined Knitting

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Course Overview

Two-end knitting also known as twined knitting is an old unique Scandinavian knitting technique. One knits with two ends of yarn - both of them - the same colour -  and one knits “by throwing” in the old way. Both strands are held in the right hand and twisted around each other in the same direction between every stitch. The resulting fabric is firmer and denser than regular stockinette stitch and makes for wonderfully warm and durable knits. The most often knitted pieces were mittens and stockings for men who worked in the forests. The technique was close to falling into extinction but during the last decades a great interest in this technique has awakened and now days the technique is often used for prettily patterned mittens and hats. During this workshop students  will learn how to prepare the yarn for two-end knitting and how to do a traditional decorative two colored cast on. Students will learn how to do two end knitting knit and purl stitches and you will start knitting a pair wrist warmers. Students should know how to knit and purl. 

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