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Surface Design on Fabric

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Course Overview

In this two-day course, we will explore two different styles of surface design on fabric. On the first day, we will use earth pigments and natural plant dye extracts to paint paste resist designs on fabrics. You will paint directly on natural fibers that have been pre-treated with soy milk.  In some cultures, brush painting on fabric has been an art form for centuries. On day two we will learn to carve simple Scandinavian-inspired designs on linoleum blocks and use permanent fabric inks to print the design onto fabric.

Using design elements like mirroring, multi-directional random repeats and single direction patterns, students will use shapes and colors that are inspired by nature and Nordic folk art. Students will take home several yards of fabric to make into garments, table runners or placemats. Fabrics (cotton, silk and linen), earth pigments, natural dye extracts, stencils, resist paste, brushes, blocks, carving tools etc. will all be provided by the instructor. All you need is a desire to try something new!

Optional Tools

  • Simple design ideas or photo images you like. 
  • An old apron
  • Any natural fiber fabric you would like to use.  (I will be providing fabrics also....cotton, linen and silk)
  • Favorite books or samples of other people’s work for a "show and tell" session with everyone

Currently Scheduled Sessions