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Step-by-Step Willow Baskets

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Course Overview

In the world of willow basketry, there are an infinite number of techniques to learn and perfect. Rib-style techniques will be the focus for this class, following the designs of many century-old basket styles. Learn about willow as a basket material, using wild and cultured, harvesting, sorting, and preparing for weaving. We will discuss and practice a variety of common techniques such as making frames, lashings, handles, and rims. Students will construct three or four baskets and make a variety of samples for future reference. This workshop is suitable for all skill levels, but hand strength is a must – willow is a strong material. Materials fee $95 and up depending on baskets woven. This fee is payable directly to the instructor during class. 

Required Tools 

  • Sharp hand pruner
  • Bodkin or Large Awl
  • Sharp fixed blade knife (box cutters work well, not the disposable ones) 
  • Basket Shears
  • 1-foot square leather or denim scrap 
  • 1 old bed sheet or 2 old beach towels to wrap willow and materials in
  • 2 bungee cords (12”-16”) or cord to tie willow bundles
  • Pack of chenille sticks (craft pipe cleaners), 25 per pck or more available at most craft/hobby stores

Optional Tools  

  • Work apron

Currently Scheduled Sessions