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Spinning Flax to Linen

Spinning flax
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Course Overview

Feel the presence of your ancestors as you experience spinning flax—one of the most ancient and elegant of all fibers. When spun, flax magically becomes the linen yarn we revere for exquisite weaving and knitting. The instructor—fiber artist and author, Wendy J. Johnson—will discuss how flax and other bast fibers are grown and demonstrate the complex processing of the flax plant for hand spinning. You will try your hand at wheel spinning both line (long) and tow (short) fibers using a wet-spinning technique. Wendy will also talk about her experience of growing, harvesting, and processing flax as well as share stories of her travels through Sweden to learn about their linen-making tradition. Students must know how to spin a reasonably even yarn on a wheel and have good control of their wheel. Plying experience helpful but not essential.

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