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Onion & Garlic Round Reed Baskets

Course Overview

North House Folk School is partnering with the Goods From The Woods initiative to offer a variety of hands-on, educational and inspiring coursework in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. This select forest-based course, taught by North House basketry instructor Paula Sundet, is being offered at the 'Up North' Marketplace September 20-21, 2008. Work with locally harvested sweet grass, cattails, and sedges learning the art of coiling a sweet grass basket. We'll incorporate an elegant Lake Superior agate as a base for the basket. Hands-on instruction provides students with an introduction to the traditions and skills of basket weaving and discussion about how to identify growing sweet grass and gathering materials for future projects. Lunch will be provided for students as they tour the ‘Up North’ Marketplace, meeting other artisans and craftspeople. No experience necessary. Register by contacting North House Folk School at 888-387-9762.

Currently Scheduled Sessions