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Exploring Krokbragd Weaving

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Course Overview

Explore krokbragd, or “crooked path” weaving. This beautiful weft-faced, twill based weave structure has Scandinavian roots, and was historically used to create heavy, warming home textiles. In this session, weavers dive into this detailed process to explore color and pattern, and learn how to design krokbragd using graph paper, or digitally using excel or a weaving software. Weaving krokbragd can be slow, so the emphasis here is on process, resulting in either four small coaster samplers of different designs or a wall hanging sampler. Students should have experience weaving on a four harness loom and be able to dress the loom with minimal assistance. Note, this class will meet in person on campus, but will have a virtual meet up the week prior for introductory work.

Currently Scheduled Sessions