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Dry it; You'll Like It: Build a Solar Food Dehydrator

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Course Overview

Living in the north means finding creative ways to preserve the bounty of the summer harvest to carry you through the long winters. The solar food dehydrator is just the thing: inexpensive to make, easy to use, and fueled by the sun, it's a handy way to quickly dry fruits, herbs, vegetables and more. Measuring roughly 2' by 4', these dehydrators have two trays (each 2' x 2') made of food-grade stainless steel mesh, as well as a lid, making them rodent and insect-proof. There's no need to haul them in at night, and this particular design can handle even the moisture and humidity of a midwestern summer. No experience building? No worries: we welcome beginners and experienced builders alike for this one day project. Bring on the blueberries, rosemary, tomatoes and more: you'll be ready to fill your larder or your camping packs with sun-dried goodness.

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