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Documentary in Day: The Craft of Film-Making

Course Overview

Winterer’s Gathering is all about stories—the tales told around woodstoves in canvas tents, the sagas of great northern adventures, and of course, the stories told through the films featured in the Arctic Film Festival. Try your hand at telling the story of Winterer’s Gathering in this hands-on crash course in documentary film-making with featured guest George Desort. In a mere 8 hours, you and your fellow students will craft a short film that strives to capture the unique feel of this classic event. The day begins with an overview of equipment and discussion of documentary films, and then heads outdoors to discover and document the stories happening right here at North House. You’ll leave with a copy of your group work and strong foundation in basic filmmaking. The group film will be screened as part of the festival on Saturday evening.

Currently Scheduled Sessions