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Canoe Portage Pack: Sew Your Own

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Course Overview

Simple and classically designed, these envelope-style canoe packs are the originals. Made for hauling the essentials over portages, they’re tough, trustworthy and will last a long, long time. Working with two expert instructors with combined decades of experience, students will build a classic canvas and leather canoe pack. The project will be an awning-style envelope pack, similar to an Old Number 3 pack. The packs will include leather back-straps, hand-pound harness rivets, a tumpline, a map-pocket, buckles, and a pack reinforcement. The pack will be cut and partially sewn in order to allow time constraints in the classroom, but the majority of the sewing and riveting will be completed in class. This course is a unique partnership between Frost River of Duluth, MN and North House Folk School, bringing the expertise of Duluth’s renowned soft goods manufacturing industry and the educational experience of the folk school together.

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