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Boreal Building Basics & Grid-Tied Solar Systems

Course Overview

After a winter like this one, you probably are well aware of any drafts, missing weather stripping or poor quality windows in your home but the best way to wrap your head around where you can save money and save energy in your home is through an energy audit. By using a blower door and infared camera, you can actually see where insulation is needed, caulking ought to be done or serious repairs need to be made. Join local energy auditor Chris Norman as he does an audit right before your very eyes on the North House Blue Building! After the energy audit, we’ll move into a more detailed discussion about home construction to maximize energy efficiency and setting up a photovoltaic array in northern MN. Whether you’re building, buying or renovating a home you can get more from your structure in terms of comfort and durability by understanding how buildings work. The class will have discussion time with an overview of the basics of building science. This will include design and construction details of insulation, air sealing, ventilation, moisture control and building design for our northern climate. We will investigate what is involved in setting up a solar array to power all or some of your needs. This includes site assessment for solar, how to integrate the system to your building, sizing and metering basics as well as general cost and pay backs.

Currently Scheduled Sessions