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Beaded Crazy Quilt with Woodland Imagery

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Course Overview

Drawing inspiration from opulent hand-embroidered Victorian Crazy quilts; learn how to construct a traditional 14-inch Crazy quilt block using the stitch and flip sewing method on a muslin base. Traditional Crazy quilts were not constructed for warmth or for the bed; instead they showcased the maker’s needlework skills. The hand-beading needlework skills will be taught in this class.

The instructor will teach her unique copyrighted method using small glass beads to recreate traditional thread embroidery stitches to embellish the fabric segment seams. We will also learn several methods for making large beaded imagery as we bead creatures native to the woodlands. Then discover numerous fabric beading stitches to create dainty flowers, leaves, vines, and raspberries. Students will make a small beaded crazy quilt they will take pride in, and will gain the knowledge of beading stitches and techniques that can be used over and over again on future fabric-based beading projects.

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