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Basswood Bark Coiled Basketry

Course Overview

Coiled basketry has existed throughout the world for centuries; some ancient pieces have been found dating back to 5,000 B.C. Traditionally natural materials ­ grasses, stems, leaves, roots are used in this style, though in modern times industrial materials have been substituted, even while using the traditional stitches. Culturally, stitches have evolved in a variety of styles. In this workshop students will learn techniques and stitches from tropical regions using a uniquely northern material: the inner bark of the basswood tree, which has many of the same qualities as palm fibers and raffia, opening up a new range of possibilities to northern basket makers. Students will learn the mariposa, figure 8, long & short stitches for both structure and decoration. All materials will be provided and no experience is needed.

Currently Scheduled Sessions