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Bare Bones Cooking: Browned Butter (Online Course)

Course Overview

For many of us, cooking has changed in recent months: it happens a lot more often, our ability to purchase special ingredients is limited, and the need to use kitchen staples has never been greater. Beth Dooley has a brilliant idea to help home cooks improvise with Bare Bones Cooking: browned butter—that is butter that has been cooked just long enough to toast the milk solids. This yummy treat enhances the flavor of dishes both savory and sweet. It releases as lovely nutty aroma as it cooks, and the taste is rich and deep. And…it’s crazy easy to make. Join Beth to learn the ins and outs of brown butter. You can cook along in your home kitchen and get her expert advice as you go, or watch her work and then set to work making dinner.

A list of ingredients and simple cooking equipment to have on hand to cook along will be provided after registration, as well as recipes shared during class.

This is an online course

We host these courses using Zoom Video Conferencing. A laptop or tablet is recommended, but a desktop with a webcam and speakers/microphone or a smartphone phone can work.

You will receive a link to the Zoom meeting and additional details in your confirmation email.

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