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Art of Cob: Building, Sculpting, and Making Art with Earth

Course Overview

Turn the mud under your feet into a sculpture that you can live in! This is a hands-on (and barefoot!) introduction to the Art of Cob (also known as adobe) and earthen plasters for homeowners, builders, and artists of all kinds. Jump right in! We’ll search the site for good local building material (clay-soil), and then mix it up with sand and straw to make various kinds of structural, sculptural, and decorative mud. We will work on individual and joint projects, talk about how design works (or not), and address ways to use the material in new construction, renovation (especially heating and cooling), and all kinds of creative variations (participants will be invited to help develop this part of the agenda). There will also be slide and/or video presentations to help put the work into global and historical context. This is an intensive introduction to the material as well as an exploration of natural, 3-dimensional design. It is designed for participants at all levels of experience and knowledge. Note that this is the first of two offerings featuring Kiko Denzer. The second is a three-day course on building and sculpting earthen wood-fired ovens.

Currently Scheduled Sessions