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All Quacked Up: Traditional Music Workshop with Duck for the Oyster

Course Overview

This is a weekend-long opportunity for traditional musicians - ranging from beginning to experienced, fiddlers to bassists - to learn, play and dance with Wisconsin-based “Duck for the Oyster.” The band specializes in traditional music and dance from 18th- and 19th-century America as well as a variety of dances from around the world. Members of the band will instruct on a variety of musical approaches to playing for dances. We’ll explore rhythm, building excitement, arranging tunes, selecting the right tune for the dance, working with callers, trading leads, changing keys and partying after the gig. There will be breakout sessions for individual instruments including: fiddle, mandolin, bass, guitar and calling. Musicians will also be exposed to called dances including squares, contras, reels, quadrilles, international, and circle dances. Class participants will receive a free ticket to Saturday night’s concert.

Currently Scheduled Sessions