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The exhibit is now closed, thank you for coming to see it!

Did you miss the exhibit? See the exhibit booklet here and images of the exhibit here

For many students, interns, and casual visitors to campus, North House is a place of beginning: it is here that their journey in craft starts. Whether a live demonstration on a summer day piques an interest or a weekend in a harborside classroom sparks a lifelong passion, here, people begin to understand how craft connects them to the land, to their own bodies, to culture & community.

For the artisan-instructors in our community, North House is the continuation of a journey started long ago: here at the school, they pass on the their skills and knowledge of materials, history, techniques and culture. Over cups of coffee and wood-fired pizza, they meet other artisans and students who inspire new directions for exploration, pass on traditions, ideas and curiosities. As makers, they reach back into history for instruction, turn to the modern world for context, and root in the landscape for meaning.

We have invited instructors to reflect on their work in the context of traditional craft and to think about their personal, creative evolution. Such questions as: What markers or discoveries have they made on their creative path? What traditions inspire their work? What contemporary aspects push their work or methods? How is their work reflecting their story of a current time, place, or set of materials?