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Fritiof Runhall

Falköping, Sweden Sweden
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Fritiof received his formal training in woodworking at Sweden’s acclaimed craft school, Säterglantan, 1996-98. His concentration was on wooden tools and pre-industrial Swedish farmlife equipment. Before the production of hand and garden tools was replaced by industrial methods, wooden farming implements were made with simple hand tools from local natural materials. Thrilled with the intimate work of using basic hand tools, Fritiof learned to appreciate the value of working with natural materials (mostly freshly harvested wood), "full of odors, strength and thoughtfulness." “I love making functional things where the wood provides inherent useful and aesthetically charged characteristics and qualities,” comments Fritiof. “Since learning at Sätergläntan, the hand tool is my guide finding the shapes and harmony in my products and things.” After his education at Sätergläntan, Fritiof has gone on to host exhibitions of his work throughout Sweden and is featured in international craft publications such as Hemslöjden. He has returned to Sätergläntan, where he teaches workshops and week-long courses in spoon carving, carved bowels and troughs, garden furniture from small greenwood (nailed) shafts, bringing broken tools “back to life” hayrakes and scythe shafts, gardenslojd (e.g., gardensticks, plant supports, apple pickers and rakes) and carving courses for children. Fritiof’s specialty is spoon making from greenwood, from straight grown birch or self grown hooks of different woods. He also carves bowls and troughs, bird-like vessels, stools and chairs, candle holders, cutting boards, toys, wood shafts for the scythe, brooms from birch twigs and hay rakes. He’s also well versed in the technique of twisting small birch shoots (up to one inch) into extremely strong pieces of rope, useful for basket handles, steps on a ladder, to tie the cattle and much more.