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Bill Lane

Tofte, MN
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For 25-years, Bill Lane spent the Marches and Aprils of his life in pursuit of northern forest owls, starting as an uninformed hobbyist and metamorphosing into a biologist whose knowledge of owls and their behaviors fueled an unrelenting passion for Strigidaen discovery and understanding. One night in 2012 though, he realized that time had progressed and the owls he once pursued with zeal, were no longer abundant in Minnesota’s north woods landscape. He placed his field data sheet in its folder and ended 25 years of springtime owling. He can’t quite get the saw-whets and boreals and barreds and long-eareds out of his system though so now, instead of going to the owls, they come to him…in waves…during the September and October migration. This is a perfect opportunity to participate in a banding operation which, per net hour, is the most productive saw-whet capture point in the United States and Canada. Learn more about Bill's efforts at

Past Courses Offered by Bill Lane

Owling: The Darker Side of Migration