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Weave a Scottish Tartan Scarf

Course Overview

The distinctive look of a tartan pattern is recognizable the world over as a sign of Scottish highland history and skilled craftsmanship. Woven for centuries according to the tastes and local dye resources of the weaver, tartans acquired a strict taxonomy somewhere in the mid-19th century, with specific patterns associated with families and institutions. Today, tartans are beloved woven patterns far beyond the moors of Scotland and offer an endless variety of choices for a weaver. In this course, students will learn to create plaids using multiples of shuttles for each color in the sett as they plan, prepare a warp, and weave a Scottish tartan pattern. Students can expect to complete one or more wool scarves and are welcome to weave a family tartan or use a sett or pattern provided by the instructor. A variety of color choices will be provided. No Scottish heritage required, just a love of plaid and cozy wool. Note, students should know how to warp a four-harness loom but can be beginning weavers.

Course Details

Length: 3.5