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The Unfinished Wardrobe: a Two-Day Sew Fest

Course Overview

Do you have a sewing project that never quite got started or that needs some TLC to get it off the shelf and into your closet? Bring it to North House for our ‘Unfinished Wardrobe’ sewing festival. Enjoy the company of others who love sewing, while making progress on your own project, and while discovering a creative and cooperative approach to your sewing endeavors. Members of the class will set up a sewing studio together and enjoy sewing by the big lake.

You will leave with progress made and a plan to finish your project, as well as inspiration from all the different projects in the group. North House sewing instructor Carol Colburn will help you get your project jump-started, and will guide and coach you with suggestions tailored to your project and sewing level. We can cover what you need to know about topics that have you stumped: layout, cutting, marking, fitting, sewing techniques, construction steps, materials, tools, finishing techniques, and what it takes to make your project unique.

If you want to join in the fun for the 2020 Sew Fest class, but do not have a sewing project waiting in the wings, pick a project to begin from the wide range of projects suggested in the Merchant & Mills Sewing Books (listed below). Shop for your own favorite fabric, or use sturdy cotton ticking fabric, which you can purchase from the instructor in class.

Students should have some experience sewing and know how to follow basic sewing instructions, such as instructions that are usually included with a sewing pattern.

Course Details

Length: 2 Days