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Build Your Own Yurt

Course Overview

Create for yourself a comfortable living space: a spare bedroom, office, studio, sauna, or whatever else you can dream up. The 18-foot yurt is an excellent shelter option that provides comfortable living arrangements for all four seasons. Working with skilled yurt builders, you’ll build a simple yurt, complete with a door and two windows, ready to be loaded into your car and set up at your yurt site. The course includes constructing the wooden framework and sewing the fabric cover, building the rafter ring, windows, and door. The skylight and windows are made of Lexan plexiglass, and the cover is sewn from durable acrylic-coated polyester (choice in color may be possible). Whether you want to have a unique guest room in the backyard or you are interested in a lifestyle that includes living in a circular space with the wilderness outside your door, you can build your own livable shelter in a week and move in the next day!

To make this large project possible, students also need to recruit a group of assistants who journey to North House together to participate in the project (minimum group size 4, max 6). Evening sessions may include a yurt homestead visit, films, a yurt slideshow, or more work on the yurt. This is a big project compacted into a short amount of time. Participants will need to be physically prepared for intensive use of power tools (no prior knowledge needed, just ability), full days of repetitive handwork, and the use of industrial sewing machines. Helpers need to be at least 16 years of age. We'll have fun and take breaks, but this is an intensive course: be prepared to work hard all day and be diligent and focused. Given the unique nature of the course and the small number of participants, please note that North House uses separate tuition payment and cancellation policies for managing this course.

Course Details

Length: 4 days